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[Announcement] Initial Plans before migrating to Apache

Aug 25, 2010 at 7:22 AM

Hi Everyone,


Here are some of the plans before we migrate to Apache


* We will finish up on the backlog items for 1.2.1 and then do the release after that.

* We will then apply our history changes from when we started in codeplex. This was agreed upon in the mailing list.

* We need some backlog grooming and milestone items for our NPanday 2.0




Aug 31, 2010 at 8:39 AM

Hi All,


Here's the list of the issues to be included in NPanday 1.2.1 Release:

* 11651 - Remove <extensions/> for all but the compile and aspx plugins
* 12946 - Create Code Coverage Plugin for NPanday
* 13179 - Document Workaround: GAC install fails with access denied when UAC is turned on
* 13198 - compile-plugin has two deploy phases for ArtifactType.NETPLUGIN
* 13394 - Include the steps on how to execute the ITs correctly from NPanday trunk
* 13395 - Release process notes is outdated
* 13461 - npe building gac artifact
* 13462 - add missing dependencies to dotnet poms
* 13477 - support jar style custom manifest entries in assemblies
* 13575 - Update build to use the NPanday 1.2 release
* 13590 - Update/Create all three "types" of assembly version during compile when it is not there (AssemblyInfo.cs) initially
* 13615 - Configure Emma plugin
* 13616 - Configure Code Coverage plugin for .Net
* 13635 - Snapshot updates are not recognised due to the copies in UAC
* 13652 - image missing in Addin docs
* 13655 - Fix APT syntax errors on main site
* 13669 - Improve the plugin sites
* 13758 - Resync references may cause timeouts after successive snapshot metadata retrievals
* 13846 - POM files incorrectly updated when including Web References in VS
* 13948 - Performance Issue when Building projects with many snapshot dependencies
* 13984 - NPanday not building resource files correctly
* 14049 - Error message contains unnecessary text if project not supported
* 14093 - Resync Reference doesn't update SNAPSHOT artifact from local repository that already exist in .references folder
* 14102 - duplicate web reference entry in POM when including web reference
* 14105 - Additional parameters for wix-maven-plugin


The following items will be moved to the backlog:

* 09750 - Documentation for each Plugin
* 13359 - Migrate NPanday's dotnet pom's to "dotnet-*" types
* 13452 - npanday breaks if localRepository is not default
* 13491 - Improve console output or integration tests
* 13558 - Addin file created by installer differs from maven-vsinstaller-plugin
* 13600 - 'npanday:plugin:maven-compile-plugin' does not exist or no valid version


The proposed date for the release would be end of this week (September 3, 2010) or early next week (September 6, 2010).





Aug 31, 2010 at 8:43 AM


After the 1.2.1 release we can migrate to ASF. \o/

Sep 1, 2010 at 4:26 PM

I have a concern about which I posted on the issue.

I can't tell from the patch because it changes every line, but the description talks about changing from individual parameters to a single one where you pass everything you want to.  Or did it just add an additional "everything else" parameter?  

Most Maven plugins don't work this way, they have explicit parameters for each configuration option.  Even Javadoc, which has a ton of options, is like this.

Can someone please respond there or perhaps start another thread to clarify what actually changed in that patch before it gets into a release?



Sep 2, 2010 at 7:32 AM

I agree on what your saying Wendy. I've already posted my reply on the thread. We could bump the adding of configurations for wix plugin to the backlog for npanday 2.0 and also changing the description so that the one who picks up the issue could just add the particular configuration instead of making a general configuration.