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Option/Switch to exclude "aspnet_precompile" while building the WebApplication project with NPanday

Sep 1, 2010 at 7:23 PM

I have question/Query regarding flow of NPanday build while building the "webapplication" project.

NPanday build by default performs the "Aspnet_precompile" task for WebApplication project. However it is issue if webproject contains some excluded files that are physically present in the project directory.

aspnet_precompile doesn't have option to exclude the files hence it pre-compile all the files present in the project directory (excluded files also). Hence this would result in build failure.

"deleting" those excluded files from the project directory is one option however project teams doesn't want to do that until they are ready for release and code is stable. (I mean they should be able to only build it while development phase)

Hence I need to know the available options available in this case?  is there any way to exclude "aspnet_precompile" step from Maven Build.?