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NPanday 1.0 is Released

Mar 31, 2009 at 2:58 AM
Hi Everyone,

We would like to inform everyone that NPanday 1.0 is now released you can get the installers/source code/repositories
here <url></url>

Release Notes:

8869 - Unable to import flat web application projects
9050 - Importing a project before artifacts are downloaded – nPanday
9152 - Intermittent hanging in VS while performing Maven Phases of NPanday
9183 - nPanday creates multiple temp directories
8384 - Repositories listed/found in settings.xml must be shown in the dropdown list of Configure Repository tab
8385 - NPanday support for VS 2008
8449 - Migrate documentation
8452 - Migrate NMaven wiki content
8453 - documentation for supported and unsupported directory structures
8455 - document currently supported versions of Visual Studio and .NET framework
8823 - Performing maven goals like build, install give error for project not yet imported or not having pom file.
8824 - When converting Website project types to Web Application project types the wrong compiler is chosen. If you start a new web application project type and copy code from another project NPanday tries to compile the web app project with the aspnet_compile
8859 - RFE: Project Importer
8873 - Patch to make NPanday less enthusiastic
8893 - Add paramater for Pom Generator to specify .Net framework version used
8897 - Error when building NPanday projects
9017 - crash of visual studio using plugin without remote repository
9021 - Missing Framework checks
9035 - Conflicts in artifactId with NPanday.Plugin(in assemblies) and netPlugins(in plugins)
9036 - nPanday menu items do not go away when nPanday Addin is stopped
9037 - Stop nPanday Build remains grayed out while building.
9039 - <systemPath> for gac_msil dependencies are missing when reimporting a project
9049 - when importing projects with gac dependencies the system path and scope was not added in the pom
9051 - Unsupported Platform Error when using Install Goal
9062 - Unable to build projects with dependancies in remote repo
9150 - Missing dependency with file present in local repo
9291 - Migrate the Wiki content to Codeplex
9292 - Create/Update the NPanday Documentation
9364 - Update the documentation
9522 - bin directory created at same level as sln
9601 - Issue with precompile (aspnet_compile) of Web Apps with Global.asax file

We hope that you guys have a great experience with NPanday 1.0. If there are any questions,comments or suggestions please feel free to speak your mind in our discussion threads.

Apr 16, 2009 at 3:11 AM
Nice work!  It's great to see 1.0.0 released.  I tried it out a while back and I was able to import and build a sample project, and I also successfully built and released from Apache Continuum, a continuous integration server. 

I thought I'd write up a proper review and open some issues, but I'm not going to have time in the near future.  Best I can do is paste the notes I kept, and hope they're somewhat useful. :)

From ... which file do I choose?  what do I do with it after I download it?

"mvn npanday.plugin:maven-vsinstaller-plugin:install" at the command line would not work for me, I had to use the installer.

Are there any docs on what the installer is going to do to my system?

The installer says it will install to the following folder and suggests your ~/.m2/repository directory.
 - What happens if I change it to c:\Program Files\NPanday 1.0.0 ?
 - Doesn't it put files somewhere else for the VS Addin, and also in the GAC?

The tab order is messed up in the Generate POM dialog.

When importing a project, I entered org.apache.continuum.examples for the groupId, and it incorrectly capitalized the first letter.

The elements are out of order in the generated <parent> section of pom.xml.  groupId should come before artifactId.

It keeps adding a WebReferences folder to my class library project, which is not webapp related at all.