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NPanday 1.0.2 RC

Aug 19, 2009 at 7:56 AM

Hi Everyone,

Here are the fixes for 1.0.2 rc3

09931      Project Importer SCM Option not working with flat projects  
10000     Mouse click on SCM tag input box of NPanday Import window clears the input box contents.
10123     When building .Net 3.0 project duplicate references are reported during mvn install     
10162     Project names should be listed in Project Unit Tests window
10152     Directory structure not supported error message is wrongly placed     
10053     Repository change in configure repository tab adds duplicate entry to the repository list.     
10011     NPanday Import; Failed SCM tag add doesn't stop the import process     
09887     Project Importer does not respect the activeProfile when downloading for artifacts.
09802     Error when doing a new importing and reference does not exist.     
09673     nPanday copies dependencies to the bin directory on Install
10275     Error message appears multiple times when selecting an invalid URL in the configure repository tab     
10273     Replace 'Select Assemblies' with 'Select Projects' in Project Unit Tests window.     
10326     Update NPanday docs for the repository

You can get the source here:

Thanks Everyone!