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NPanday 1.1

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Released: Jan 24, 2010
Updated: Feb 25, 2010 by brettporter
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Application NPanday 1.1 Source MD5 checksum
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Release Notes

WPF & WCF project type support, MSBuild Maven plugin, WiX Maven plugin and simplified source code build.

Known Issues

The following files were missing from the distributed repository:
  • npanday/model/NPanday.Model.Pom/1.1/NPanday.Model.Pom-1.1-4b435f4d76e2f0e6.dll
  • npanday/plugin/NPanday.Plugin/1.1/NPanday.Plugin-1.1-4b435f4d76e2f0e6.dll

However, these files are identical to the corresponding DLL in their directory, so you can fix problems resolving them by copying:
  • npanday/model/NPanday.Model.Pom/1.1/NPanday.Model.Pom-1.1.dll to npanday/model/NPanday.Model.Pom/1.1/NPanday.Model.Pom-1.1-4b435f4d76e2f0e6.dll
  • npanday/plugin/NPanday.Plugin/1.1/NPanday.Plugin-1.1.dll to npanday/plugin/NPanday.Plugin/1.1/NPanday.Plugin-1.1-4b435f4d76e2f0e6.dll

Change Log

* Creation of .msi files
* NPE when project inherits group ID or version
* Check/Fix the Build Process
* Check/Fix the Release Process
* Integration Tests for NPanday
* Documentation for NPanday Plugins
* Error Parsing NPanday.Plugin.Msbuild
* Problem with Projects with Multiple folder levels in Continuum
* In Project import the Resync References should be executed after directory structure support check.
* SCM tag is not validated correctly when prefixed with "http://"
* Add Reference in Visual Studio should behave like Add Maven Artifact
* missing NPanday.Plugin.SysRef dependency
* Without POM file, double-clicking a DLL in Add Maven Artifact -> Remote tab will crash VS
* Cannot read settings.xml using -DSettingsFile
* Source distribution for NPanday 1.0.2 includes .svn directories
* Source distribution for NPanday 1.0.2 does not match svn tag
* Source distribution for NPanday 1.0.2 requires latest WinZip
* Support for WCF project type
* Support for WPF project type
* Generate Solution's POM Information doesn't generate the Company Name in GroupId field
* Problem with case of group ids in repository
* Misleading options in popup dialog when Adding Maven Artifact without POM
* Project Importer incorrectly capitalizes groupId
* Configuring Remote Repository successful but artifacts aren't displayed in Remote tab
* Fix formatting of includeSource in generated POM
* Deleting a Web Reference does not totally updates the pom file
* * Renaming web reference is successful but the updated pom file is malformed
* Build Error when building a newly created project in VS 2008
* Attempting to Add Maven Artifact without configuring a remote repo crashes VS 2005
* Adding an artifact from a file protocol repository prompts an error.
* Adding a artifact that is already in the project prompts an unnecessary warning message "Cannot add ant not an artifact assembly."
* NPanday Builder fails to be created if built using Maven 2.1.0
* ASPX plugin can copy files to the Bin directory with the wrong filename


The full documentation can be seen at

Note: we are currently revising the documentation for future releases. Snapshots will be made available at

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