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NPanday 1.2

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Released: Jun 22, 2010
Updated: Jun 23, 2010 by brettporter
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Application NPanday 1.2 Repository
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Release Notes

Installation instructions can be found at:

Featured Improvements in NPanday 1.2

  • Improved type names available (dotnet-library, etc.), and previous types are deprecated (library, etc.)
  • MSI-based installer for the Visual Studio Addin and Maven plugins
  • MVC project type support
  • Rewrite of documentation to be more complete
  • Numerous bug fixes and other improvements

Known Issues

  • When installing NPanday using the MSI package, the version will not be displayed in the output window or About... box
  • If ~/.m2/uac/gac_msil doesn't exist when importing a project, a warning will be displayed. This can be safely ignored.
  • If there is no access to a remote repository, the release of the NPanday plugins to retrieve can not be determined. This can be avoided by adding the version to plugins in your project's POM.

Change Log

* Trunk fails to compile when not having VisualStudio
* java packages not matches with classes package declaration
* error building npanday on linux
* Visual Studio Addin Installer
* Incompatibilty between NPanday and maven-flex-plugin
* Path separator issue in ArtefactInstallerImpl of dotnet-artifact
* Specify nunit-console binary for maven-test-plugin
* Build with embedded resource files
* Docs on the Automation of NPanday Startup
* Create Addin Folder during installation if not present
* Migrate relevant wiki content to bundled documentation
* vsinstalller:install does not generate the AddOn when My Document is not under ${HOME}
* NPanday should support MVC
* Complete integration tests for wix plugin
* refresh bundled documentation
* migrate integration-tests to npanday-its
* Resync Reference unable to download snapshot artifact from Archiva
* MSBuild output is not shown and errors are ignored
* Add Maven Artifact dialog may not appear if settings can not be read
* GAC versions of NPanday.Model.Pom and NPanday.Plugin are not shipped in the 1.1 repository
* MSBuild Plugin fails to resolve references in a clean environment
* Visual Studio Add-In needs to maintain the includeSources compile plugin configuration
* Renaming a web reference would result to adding a new <webreference> node
* installing an artifact with a snapshot dependency causes NPE
* show the NPanday version in console when it starts up, and/or have an about box
* generated ID for remote repository is too long
* VS crashes when adding a new remote repository
* VS-Installer-Plugin only supports english environments
* Doku on Uninstalling NPanday, mscorcfg.msc location
* Update Documentation: Install + Build NPanday locally with VS 2008 only
* Update Documentation: NUnit-Console must be configured or in Env Path
* 1.2-SNAPSHOT referencing 1.1-SNAPSHOT
* Unable to recognised GAC dependencies
* Deploy plugin deploys artifacts with a classifier with a different snapshot build number
* Unable to build VB WebApp projects with a .Net 3.0 Version
* Misleading warning message when unable to resolve an SCM URL
* Unable to build NPanday projects on Maven 3
* NUnit doesn't work on Mono
* Overzealous project structure check in project importer
* WiX plugin ITs depend on .NET 3.5 SDK
* Supporting alternative packaging types
* WPF applications can miss including required resources
* Remove the deploy plugin
* Remove Requirement to use system path for Gac Dependencies
* Visual Studio Addin should support <mirrors> in settings.xml
* NPanday Fails to Resolve Dependencies if mixed versions of -SNAPSHOT and Released
* Document how to add intra solution references
* NPanday Transitive Dependency Error
* Logger on Resync
* compile-plugin calls different goals on deploy for ArtifactType.LIBRARY and ArtifactType.EXE/WINEXE
* Completely enable npanday for new dotnet-* types
* Include in Installation docs the instructions on how to install NPanday using the installer
* vsinstaller-plugin:install fails if the npanday remote repos are not accessible even if artifacts are already in the local repository
* unable to successfully install NPanday when running the vsinstaller command
* "Optioninfer" compiler option is not recognized by NPanday


The full documentation can be seen at

Reviews for this release

Excellent, I'm primarily a dotnet guy but have been working on java/maven project recently, as part of the project I have been developing a testing tool (C#) which is at 44 projects, kinda to big for the IDE. Was gonna use NAnt until I found this. Great tool, but what's even better is that the instructions on building are detailed and correct. Keep up the good work. Thanks Dave
by DavePaterson on Aug 27, 2010 at 6:32 PM