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Release Guidelines

Creating a Release Candidate
  • 1. Push the current trunk into tags and tag it as <version>_RC
  • 2. Since we are still relying on bootstrap at the moment we will do a manual release prepare.
  • 2.1. Check out the <version>_RC tag
  • 2.2. Inside the parent folder of the tagged version press f3 to search.
  • 2.3. Under all files and folders input in the textfield of "a word or a phrase in the file:" SNAPSHOT
  • 2.4. Open all the files with notepad++
  • 2.5. Search all files and replace SNAPSHOT with the specific version click replace all in all opened documents.
  • 2.6. Commit the changes to the tag.
  • 3. The Release Candidate Tag is now Ready for testing.
  • 4. If the RC passes. Then a similar process will be done to change the version into the released version.

Preliminary Phase (Documentation and building of RC)
  • Issues – all known bugs within the RC
  • Dependencies - all known dependencies
  • Release Notes - all fixes within the current RC
  • Copy Rights - on all source code
  • Licenses - on all source code
  • Build (Release Candidate)

Testing Phase
  • Upload the RC in an internal directory for community testing
  • Community will be given a 48hr window to test the RC.

Voting Phase
*Post the Majority of Vote on the results of the RC

Release Phase
- after the approval of the community we will do a checklist page in codeplex with the current release.
  • Checksum
  • Signature
  • Mirror
  • Update Download Page to Include latest Release
  • Community Announcement

If a serious flaw is found in a test build or release, it may be withdrawn by a majority vote from the community and removed from the distribution lists.

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