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Releases Guidelines

Using the new organized pom without bootstrap, here's the proposed Release Process:

Creating a Release Candidate

Note: Send a Proposal in the community regarding the release and the issues that would be fix in the said release. Make sure that the Copy Rights and Licenses are on all source code.

The release will be done in

1) Ensure there has been a build since last commit and it was a successful one.
2) Release Proper
  • in the release preparation, the SCM tag should be npanday-1.1-RC3 or similar (use the release version)
  • in the release preparation, the SCM tag base should be
  • in the release preparation step, use CLEAN as the preparation goal
    • check the values for the RELEASE VERSION and NEXT DEVELOPMENT VERSION are correct
  • in the release perform step, use the CLEAN DEPLOY as the goals

Note: To verify if the release was successful, check that the artifacts has been populated in

Testing Phase
  • Announce the RC and the community will be given a 48hr window to test.

If the RC passes, same process would be done for the RELEASE version. (1.1)

Voting Phase
  • Post the Majority of Vote on the results of the RELEASE

Release Phase

*After the approval of the community:

NOTE: If a serious flaw is found in the release, the release version will not be removed in the distribution list but instead a new release (1.1.1) should be provided.

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