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NPanday 1.2

The next version is planned to be NPanday 1.2, and highlights a small number of issues for fixing, as well as rejuvenated documentation and the reintroduction of an installer for the Visual Studio Add-in. The number remaining can be followed in the issue tracker.

NPanday 2.0

This has two goals:

Maven Plugin Simplification

The current set of Maven plugins have developed a number of features which can now be replaced by existing Maven mechanisms, allowing the code of the project to be simplified without adversely impacting users of NPanday 1.0.

Enhanced Visual Studio functionality and integration

We are planning to improve the feel of the Visual Studio add-in to provide a more seamless experience for developers, as well as adding more functionality such as improved dependency management.


Increased Native .NET Support

By expanding on the work done with the project importer and leveraging existing .NET technology such as MSBuild, NPanday hopes to provide a solution that can run in Visual Studio without the need for Maven and a Java Runtime Environment to be installed in the future.

This will continue to use the Maven POM as the language for describing the build so that it can be compatible across implementations and continue to utilize Maven repository infrastructure.

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