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  • For each of the available dotnet archetypes:
    • Create a project from the archetype
    • Build the project at the command line
    • Generate a solution for the project
    • Open the solution in Visual Studio and build the project using the VS Addin
  • Import (generate poms) and then build each of the projects in sandbox/dotnet-examples using the VS Addin
  • Build each of the projects in sandbox/dotnet-examples/with-pom at the command line
  • Generate solutions for each of the projects in sandbox/dotnet-examples/with-pom and try them in VS
  • Verify that a failing NUnit test fails the build, and that ignoring failures is configurable
  • Introduce a dependency on a snapshot artifact that is available in a remote repo, and build the project
  • Introduce a <parent> element to a project and build again.
    • Try with both a snapshot and a released parent
    • Try with the parent pom being retrieved from a remote repository
  • Try all of the VS Addin features at least once
    • Import a project (generate poms)
    • Add NPanday Artifact (does it add to the solution file also?)
    • Add Reference (does it add to the pom? should it? (Framework dependencies shouldn't be in the pom.))
    • Remove NPanday Artifact (does it remove from the solution? does it remove anything it shouldn't?) (... does this menu option still exist or do we just use Remove Reference?)
    • Remove Reference (does it remove from the pom?)
  • Make sure that the solution/project files and pom files stay in sync for all the possible actions you can take within Visual Studio
    • Adding a dependency
    • Changing the version number
    • ...

Note: Delete your local repository, pab and uab directories frequently to test that artifacts can be resolved from a remote repo.

TODO: Compare generated solutions & poms with expected/golden files

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